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Joshua Sutcliffe

Hello to those reading this bio, my name is Joshua! Im originally from Las Vegas, Nevada! I have been tattooing full time for almost twelve years. I don’t have one particular style and I have worked hard throughout my career to be a well rounded artist that can tackle any challenge from something simple to something more complex. Words can’t describe how i feel about tattooing, as I feel it’s the most unique way two humans can bond together. Once upon a time I played a part on the first major television tattoo themed show called “inked” on A&E with a shop called Hart & Huntington at the Palms Hotel in 2004 here in Las Vegas. My free time is used to paint, gym and yoga, study, read, travel, relax and to remember to enjoy the moment because we will never get this exact one second back as time moves forward! I’m really excited to get to work with anyone that I cross paths with.

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