Ryan Cush studio 21 tattoo artist
Ryan Cush

Ryan Cush

Hello to everyone reading this bio. My name is Ryan Cush. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for the majority of my life now and have been tattooing here for the last several years.
I’ve always been in to some sort of facet of art from a very young age, whether it be music, drawing, painting, or tattooing. I first fell in love with tattoos from going to see and playing with punk/ska shows as a teenager. I thought the idea of being able to wear a piece of art permantly was amazing. The love grew exponentially from there and I spent many of my teenage years drawing tattoo designs for friends and coworkers of odd jobs I had.
I started my tattoo career in 2012 with an apprenticeship at a local shop here in Las Vegas. I was signed off as a licensed tattoo artist in 2013 and found myself bouncing around from shop to shop for a while. In 2014 I landed a job on the Las Vegas Strip and that is where I have been until joining the crew here at Studio 21. I enjoy tattooing in many styles and working on the strip has allowed me to hone my craft in multiple styles of tattooing. I love working with color as well as black and grey, stipple shading, linework and minimalsist designs, you name it.

The majority of my off time is spent with my amazing wife and our four kids. I also still love making music and drawing as much as I can. I have hundreds of custom designs all ready to go! Come on down to the shop and check them out or I can sketch you the tattoo of your dreams while you wait!

-Ryan Cush