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Battles of the Heart

Battles of the Heart

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Event: May 22, 2011 – “Heart Wars” @ Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery, Las Vegas, NV 6-10 PM- Star Wars themed art show, raffle, food trucks and Sailor Jerry Rum drinks. Throughout the night teams battled to see who could raise the most money for the American Heart Association. 100 % of money raised from art sales, raffle tickets went to the charity raising a total of $3460. Although Studio 21 Tattoo raised the most money, we turned the trophy over to the next highest fundraiser team, FUKU Burger. Many local, as well as out of state artist contributed really creative artwork of all mediums to the event. Costumed Star Wars figures were available for photos and the food trucks provided a variety of great food. The event was a big success. Their artist’s time and effort was greatly appreciated toward the cause. The evening was dedicated to a dear family friend, Holly Bayliff, who died unexpectedly at 31 yrs. of age from heart complications. This is a glimpse of some of the artwork, please visit our Studio 21 Tattoo Fan Page Photo Albums to view more of the art.