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Food Truck Battle

Food Truck Battle

As you know the age of food trucks is upon us, and that is good news for our bellies. In the event you have not been paying attention…the latest craze of food truck vendors are taking the streets to offer you delicious gourmet treats at a reasonable price, and any way you look at it, that is good news. Some have their own secret fan club following every move on Twitter, etc. to get the latest location of destination dining. The food truck phenomenon is sweeping through many large cities and the variety of food items offered vary as much as the trucks themselves. It is definitely a growing cult of food truck participants eager to present their specialties to the anxious foodies. Some trucks roam alone, other cities offer a section of town where they reside side by side. Our studio is hosting a food truck battle of three of the most popular trucks, all in one convenient location, just for you (our studio parking lot). If you haven’t tried all three, now is your chance. Come hungry and enjoy an evening of munching and free Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum drinks cocktails, compliments of our dear friends at Sailor Jerry. The trucks who participate will be judged on several levels to win trophies, so come out and show your support for your favorite food truck. Official judging by local owner and chef of Firefly tapas restaurant among others. Bring on the challenge, we are READY.

Don’t be confused by the two fliers, same event, one is provided by our dear friends, the Sailor Jerry corporate team.