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Local Chefs Mix Food and Ink

Local Chefs Mix Food and Ink

In Las Vegas Weekly March Issue they wrote an article on Las Vegas Chefs and Their Ink. Austin’s long time client and friend Tony Leitera was kind enough to give credit to Austin for his hard work and creativity on his sleeve. Tony has worked in many of Las Vegas incredible restaurants around town and is currently Specialty Room Chef at Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio. Tony has about 80 hours worth of ink on his arms, chest and legs, including one tattoo based on a recurring childhood dream and another inspired by his shot of choice-the Irish Car Bomb. Quote Tony, “I’ve always gotten tattooed for myself. When I’ve thought about getting tattoos on my back or the back of my legs, I can’t see those unless I look in the mirror. To me that doesn’t make any sense. I get tattooed for myself”.  If you would like to check out more of what Tony has to say visit