Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

The Spencer Family took a trip back down south recently to visit our family in good ol’ Houston, Tejas. We got a chance to introduce the newest member of the fam (Baby Lucy) to the Grandparents, cook some great meals and check out the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Being a car guy I was super excited to find out that the Museum had a really really cool exhibit , Sculpted in Steel: Art Deco Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1929–1940. We grabbed lunch and hung out with two of my favorite guys, my uncle John (Charlie’s brother) and my Grandpa Ted (Becki’s Dad). They rule. Grandpa Ted is hands down the most influential person in our family. A small business owner, Woodworker, landscaping all around creative man, my grandpa is the coolest. He’s the one who decides that when he’s interested in something, he goes ALL IN. He started framing artwork for my mom when she was a teenage illustrator and got so good and so “into” it that he ended up opening an Art Gallery and Frames shop. His wife my grandma Pat is also a very creative and hard working lady. She owned a wedding cake bakery in the same parking lot as my grandpas Frame Shop/Art Gallery. As a kid I spent a lot of time in both of the business cleaning and helping out the employees learning all sorts of things from making roses out of cake fondant to cutting frame molding and talking to clients. I never realized how much influence Grandpa Ted had on our family till we got our business going. I feel pretty special to be raised around him, being exposed to the idea that at anytime you can just get into something and completely immerse yourself and maybe even start a business! I always wonder what I could  possibly fall in love with next. Thanks Grandpa Ted for being so damn awesome. Thanks for checking out the new blog and hope to keep up on it more.

Austin Spencer

Owner/ Artist

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                                                                                             Sculpted in Steel: Art Deco Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1929–1940
scarab bus

Scarab bus at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Hippy bus Turn-on

Found this rad ass bus outside the Museum.

BMW Motorcycle

Epic BMW R7 Concept Motorcycle.

Cute couple

Captured this shot on the way out of the Museum. I like.

Ted and Pat

Got this rad little pic of my grandpa randomly standing by his wife of 65 years name on the wall.

Grandpa and grandaughter.

Grandpa Ted hangin’ with Courtney.

Uncle John.

Uncle John hangin’ in the Museum. He looks just like my dad and I.


These sticker are the little ones they give you when you enter the exhibit. When everyone leaves aperently they had the same idea and stick them all over the wall outside. I like how the City doesn’t remove them.

Austin Spencer Las Vegas

Squeezed in this shot on the way out. Don’t even remember what it was.