Phil Luck Trivial Ink – Part 1

Phil Luck Trivial Ink – Part 1


In the event you were wondering…Phil is a wealth of tattoo information. He is your “Go To” guy for everything tattoo related regarding history, especially. Once you get him started he is pumped on sharing. This is the true deal, not mumbo jumbo spewing from the mouths of wanna-bes. I asked Phil for a couple of tidbits I thought our clients and customers might find interesting. Test your skills on the following questions, I will post the answers Monday, Jan.10,2011. Do you win anything?…no, but you would greatly impress Mr. Phil if you did know all the right answers and maybe next time you come in the shop to get tatttooed you could try and stump him with a question. Game On!

1) Who invented the first modern electric (twin coil) tattoo machine?

2) What legendary tattooists played himself on a 1992 episode of “Roseanne”?

3) What year was the first american tattoo parlor opened, and where?