Popular Tattoos

Popular Tattoos

Studio 21 Tattoo even does the popular tattoos daily! I’ve often pondered what causes tattoo trends. What makes people want to have the same tattoo that everybody else has? The most popular tattoos now are the infinity symbols. Nothing new about this symbol. It’s been around for an infinite number of years. I don’t know how long really. Google it!

More super popular tattoos would be the dandelion with birds flying out of it. The ladies just love this one! Many of them find their ideas for tattoos on Pinterest. Imagine wanting something original and clever and finding it on Pinterest.

Remember tattoo flash? If you don’t, I’ll give you a little info on the subject. You may have seen pictures of old tattoo shops with all these sheets of art on the wall. You just walked in and looked around at all these little tattoo pictures which usually had the price next to them. This was a brilliant idea. It made decisions easy for people who wanted a tattoo, but just couldn’t decide what they wanted. These flash sheets were usually prepared by an experienced tattoo artist who knew what was involved in the tattoo process. These guys knew how to design images that were easily applied to the skin and would last a very long time.

Fast forward to today. The customer walks in the studio with a “smart phone” in their hand, shows a very skilled artist a very bad picture of something they found on the internet. These are the same folks who would tell you they don’t want just any tattoo off the wall. This brings me back to Pinterest. This is the largest wall ever!

One thing I have learned over the years is, these trendy tattoos are the ones we cover up in a few years. Fortunately, the infinity symbol is going to be fairly easy to hide as soon as they figure out they have the same tattoo as everyone else in town.

What I am trying to say is, if you seek out the best tattoo artist in Las Vegas, try to let the artist help you come up with an image that is not so trendy. That way, you won’t be looking for a cover up tattoo in five years.

Chas. T. Spencer @21tat – Owner/ Artist, Studio 21 Tattoo