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Our Resident Star Wars Super Fan

Our Resident Star Wars Super Fan


J Wood, commonly known as Swarm, a long time resident tattoo artist with Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. For those who have frequented our studio, you know the extent of his passion for Star Wars, the film series based on the adventures of various characters in a galaxy long ago and so far away, as we all know. His love of Star Wars passion is reflected in his everyday lifestyle, whether in his traditional style of tattooing Darth Vader and other similarly themed characters or his meticulously smooth tattoo style watercolor artwork.

Swarm has recently expanded his interest by joining the 501st Official Costuming Legion, which is a volunteer organization for the sole purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts to promote interest in Star Wars at events and contributing to local communities through charity fundraising and other volunteer work. The 501st Legion is very focused on the building and wearing of quality authentic costumes as part of their devotion to bringing fans together. Swarm not only collects action figures and memorabilia, but now participates in the 501st Legion activities by visiting hospitals, local events and even parades in full storm trooper costume. He is one of millions participating in the worldwide pop culture phenomenon of Star Wars, and loving every minute of it! The local 501st group is the “Neon City Garrison” which keeps Swarm busy with as many events as he can squeeze into his busy schedule.

Most days you can catch Swarm at Studio 21 Tattoo Wednesday-Saturday if you are interested in Star Wars themed tattoos or otherwise. You can follow him on Instagram @darthswarm.

For a more comprehensive look at his tattoo portfolio visit For more information on the 501st check out their website to learn more about the organization. Their Instagram @official501st and the local group is @neoncitygarrison.