SECRET WALLS Downtown Las Vegas

SECRET WALLS Downtown Las Vegas



It’s been a handful of years since I’ve know David of Civillian clothing. He’s come a long way and worked his ass off to create an impressive movement in local Las Vegas streetwear/hip hop culture. David’s newest venture, teaming up with a super rad event “Secret Walls” has us all sorts of stoked! If you haven’t heard about this fuckin’ event…lemme drop some knowledge on ya. “Secret Walls” is a super simple event based on a group of six artists givin’ only BLACK paint and each a large white canvas. During a 90 minute stretch each artist is giving this allotted amount of time to paint ANYTHING they want on their blank canvas. After the hour and a half is up, the crowd will be given a chance to voice their opinion on the favorite hand painted canvas one artist at a time…by YELLING THIER BRAINS OUT for their favorite artist! This is a pretty damn stressful time, during the 90 minutes up on a stage painting…Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the artists are also up on a stage in front of a TON of people pressured by the crowd to come up with somethin’ worth yelling about! “Don’t fuck up”, “Make it cool”,  “Don’t fall off the stage” , “Don’t take another shot”, “Beer me” all  going through my head as I’m pounding beers and taking shots handed up from crowd members..all while painting a giant picture in a super short amount of time. It might seem like 90 minutes isn’t much time to paint a giant canvas from start to finish, because it ISN”T. It goes quick, and is quite the challenge. So the real exciting part about this whole story is that as we sit today here at Studio 21 Tattoo..we’ve takin’ home the first place title ALL THREE EVENTS. No biggie. We’re pretty excited about this! Not only are we enjoying participating and havin’ a great time supporting the event..we’re actually winning too! The goal is to get all three of our guys to the final round so we have all Studio 21 artists battling it out! I honestly think it would be pretty fun battling my buddies and even losing to a couple of the most talented artists i know. Mike Biggs, Tyson and I are super stoked to be a part of this event and can’t thank David and Secret Walls Las Vegas enough. We need you guys to show up and YELL for us at all the upcoming battles, so keep posted and we’ll let you know about the future events and would love to see ya come out and support! Be sure to check out Tyson and Mikes work!

Thanks Guys!

Austin Spencer