Sliding Into The New Year

Sliding Into The New Year

Well, the year 2019 is winding down and the Holidays are upon us. It’s been another stellar year at the studio. Time flies when you are having fun and it sure has blown by fast. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful staff to keep our reputation spotless and customers elated. As I sit here writing this, there is a family from San Francisco getting tattoos and hooting it up like there’s no tomorrow! They own a sushi restaurant so they probably need to let off some steam. That happens here a lot. We are in the heart of Sin City after all.

Just wanted to take a moment to let our wonderful customers know how much we appreciate their business. There are about two hundred tattoo shops in Las Vegas. That’s a whole bunch of choices! It always makes us feel good to be selected from a field that large. Everyone here at the studio strives to be the best at what we do. We rarely have a slow day and are still open seven days a week after all these years. Seventeen years to be exact! It’s no easy task to stay on top in this town. Las Vegas is a very fast paced city and people expect to be treated well on very short notice sometimes. As business owners, the Spencer family always wants to know if anyone is displeased with our product or services. It is very rare to hear of a complaint!

Here’s to wishing you all a very happy holiday season. Thank you Becki, Austin, McKenna, Kayla, Chad, Jose, Nick, Das, Travis, Mike and Josh for all that you do to make this studio run like a well oiled machine! Your hard work does not go unnoticed! Looking forward to seeing what the next seventeen years brings. Like one of my tattoo mentors said about twenty years ago when Austin and I were just getting started, “There’s a new batch of eighteen year olds every year!” So true. Thanks again.

Charlie Spencer


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