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Tattoo Museum: Antiquities from Around the Globe

Tattoo Museum: Antiquities from Around the Globe

Photo: Artwork submitted by Charlie Spencer for the opening.

Hanky Panky’s (Henk Schifmacher) official opening of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum is scheduled for Nov. 5, 2011. The museum will house an extensive permanent show covering the history of tattooing, and both today and tomorrow. A unique collection of books, magazines, dairies, flash, photographs, tattoo machines, paintings, carvings as well as tattooed human skin. Guest artists for the first week include Horishige (from the Horitoku family from Japan) who will be tattooing traditional Japanese style, “tebori” meaning by hand at the opening.Other guest artists are scheduled from New Zealand, Mexico and California. Appointments can be booked online as well as purchasing entry tickets. The property includes: cafe/bar/finer foods/bookstore & souvenirs/research center/library/tattoo shop. Check out the official website for more information

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