World Famous Tattoo Shop

World Famous Tattoo Shop


Visual Proof That We Are A World Famous Tattoo Shop With World Famous Tattoo Artists

Many businesses claim to be world famous. We at Studio 21 Tattoo can not only claim to be a world famous tattoo shop, we can actually prove it! A few months ago, we added a map with pins color coordinated with our world famous tattoo artists. Each artist at our studio has worked with clientele from all over the globe. We even have pins on the map that are out in the ocean as some of our clients live on offshore oil rigs.

On any given day, we have visitors from the farthest reaches of the planet visit our studio. Many visitors speak English, but some do not. That’s when it gets interesting! Usually though, folks who don’t speak our language will have an interpreter in their group to help the artist figure out what the tattoo idea is.

It’s not unusual to have people from several different countries in the studio at the same time. It’s always fun to be a part of their adventure! It’s kind of a big deal to be in Las Vegas for many of these folks and they just want to commemorate their trip by adding to their tattoo collection. Some get just a little something to remind them of their amazing trip to fabulous Las Vegas and others plan ahead and get very large pieces. Those who get the large pieces are familiar with what our studio has to offer and plan well in advance to get a very special art piece that they may not be able to get back home.

We frequently hear people say that they just don’t have the quality artists available in their community and plan their trip to Vegas around the tattoo experience. Our artist portfolios which are available on the web site demonstrate the outstanding talent that our customers have at their disposal. Feel free to check out our artists on instagram under @onmydong, @21tat, @biggsstudio, @savageson, @darthswarm, @phillucktattoo, @nickbonestattoos, @zionero. All anyone has to do is give the artist and idea and the results are extremely impressive.