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    Das Frank is a tattooer, painter and award winning illustrator in Las Vegas, NV. He can be found most days cooling his heels with the talented crew at Studio 21 Tattoo. Das Frank’s style shows his love of finding the inherited beauty in even the darkest of subjects. A 2002 graduate of the BFA theatre lighting design program at Virginia Commonwealth University, Das Frank was in the MFA theatre program at UNLV when the opportunity to learn to tattoo was thrust upon him. Challenge accepted he never looked back. Part sweet, part sour, part fragile little flower.




    "Hey everyone, I'm Adam. I was born and raised out in the High Desert where I learned how to tattoo. I have been tattooing for 12 years now and have enjoyed every bit of it. I have been drawing pretty much my whole life and continue to do so on a daily basis. I hope here at Studio 21 Tattoo I can continue to put out amazing art and tattoos that bring some kind of joy to people. I love doing neo traditional, black and grey, as well as stipple work. "I love what I do and hope to keep this journey going, always having a positive mental attitude!"




    My name is Blanco, I’m from Hacienda Heights California. I’m a husband, father and grandfather. My passion for art started very young. My grandma was an oil painter and  she inspired and supported me to be the artist I am today. In 1983, I discovered graffiti art and the hip hop movement and it took my passion for art to a different level. Years later I attended graphic design school and starting airbrushing professionally not long after. While airbrushing a mural at a local tattoo shop, I discovered the art of tattooing and nothing has been the same since. Now I have been tattooing for nearly 3 decades and I still love it. My other passions are jiu jitsu and family. Everyday I wake up happy for the life I have.