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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here’s the scoop on emails:

    • Shoot us an email for the following, we are HAPPY to help you: 
      • Rough estimates we do our best to give you a range on price based on the information you provide [placement, size, color, style, illustration/tattoo style, and detail]
      • General Questions: Feel free to ask us anything related to your tattoo ideas, our shop, or Artists… We’ll even give you some advice or inspirational quotes if you’d like ;) 
      • Artist availability: If you have a specific Artist in mind, we are happy to discuss availability and open bookings for that Artist. Just know we are a walk in friendly shop, so if you don't book an appointment there's no guarantee you will get the Artist you want. 


    You can drop us a line at: info@studio21tattoo.com

    And don't forget to attach those reference photos to fuel our creative fire! but remember! Less is MORE sometimes sending over 5 or more references is overwhelming. Select your top 3 [ideal] when coming up with an idea. If it takes more than that… do a consultation. Those happen at 12pm for most artists and range 15-30 min and can be scheduled in person or virtually. 

    Booking an appointment? 

    Give us a ring or stop by the shop to secure your spot with a deposit. We require a $100 deposit which is applied towards your tattoo and secures your appointment. PLEASE NOTE: This is NON-Refundable if you no-show and do not give 24 hours notice for canceling. (You have 1 year to rebook)

    Phone: (702) 248-8762

    Email: info@studio21tattoo.com


    Should I book an appointment or take my chances on a walk-in?


    To book or not to book? The best part is it's UP TO YOU! Scheduling and planning it out is ideal, it ensures you get the Artist you want, and the tattoo you want, because you put that extra time into the “planning”.   The good news for you, is that whether you book or walk-in you will leave Studio 21 with a tattoo you’ll be happy with! But running your chances with a walk in means limited availability which may throw a wrench in your tattoo adventure if you can’t get in to show off that AWESOME Vegas tattoo! 


    • Planning to get inked during your stay in vegas? Many opt for tattoos towards the end of their trip to avoid disrupting planned activities… If that's you, then WE GOT YOU! Just call or email the shop! 
    • Keep in mind the healing process means no swimming, saunas, spas, or tanning until your tattoo is fully healed.


    • Need a cover up? Absolutely! Whether you're a local or just passing through, shoot us an email or stop by the shop with reference photos of your current tattoo and what your envision covering it up with. We highly recommend booking a consultation with your desired artist when it comes to getting a cover up.
    • Our artist will work their magic and provide expert advice tailored just for you.
    • Keep in mind: Cover up tattoos need to be larger than your current tattoo, and every tattoo is cover up friendly.
    • We also have that specialize in cover ups and would love to suggest one for your project!


    • Certain areas like fingers, inner feet, ankle bones, and elbows tend to get more friction from clothing and more frequent movement, leading to increased wear and tear. This can cause color fading over time.
    • Don't fret! If you're concerned about these high risk areas, chat with your artist. They can recommend alternative spots that may better suit your needs.
    • Bonus perk: Each artist provides one touch-up within a year of your tattoo (finger tattoos excluded), ensuring your ink stays looking fresh. Just keep in mind, extra art may come with an additional charge.


    • Deposits are your golden ticket to securing a spot on our schedule and reserving that precious appointment time just for you.
    • They Are non refundable but fear not! Deposits stay on file for a whole year, giving you wiggle room in case plans change (within 24 hours notice, of course).
    • Think of your deposit as a commitment handshake - it ensures both parties are on board and covers the artist's preliminary drawing time.
    • Psst… Our artwork stays cozy in the studio, so no sneak peeks via email beforehand. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to make tweaks and changes with your artist when you arrive. 
    • Not feeling the deposit vibe? No problemo! We welcome walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis if the schedule allows!


    • While we are more than happy to offer suggestions and guidance, ultimately, the decision of what tattoo to get is a deeply personal one.
    • You know yourself best! Having a general idea of what appeals to you and reflects your personality is key in steering your creative direction.
    • Think of us as your trusty navigators on your tattoo journey, but the captain's hat is firmly on your head.