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    Best of the Las Vegas Valley

    Best Local Artist

    A Studio 21 Tattoo artist Austin


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    eye-popping work that ranges from stylized tsunamis to urban graffiti

    Best Tattoo Parlor

    So200 21 Tattoo Gallery:

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    Best of the LAS VEGAS Valley

    Best Local Artist

    Austin Spencer

    OK, he's a tattoo artist, but once you get a look at Spencer's work, you'll definitely

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    agree he's an artist, and a versatile one.

    His crisp yet lush work can take the form of classic tribal tattoos, old-school sailor style inkwork, renditions of classic paintings as well as stylized flourishes that seem to grace the tailbone of every girl this side of night school.

    Runners up: Nick San Pedro took sec-ond, while Aaron Jackman took third.-


    Best Tattoo Parlor

    Studio 21

    4510 Arville St., Suite B


    Last year Austin Spencer was elected best artist in our Best of the Valley survey.

    This year his parent's tattoo parlor, where he works as an artist, garnered the superlatives. This is not really surprising as, increasingly, the three year-old, family-run Studio 21 focuses in on the art of tattooing and tattooing as art. Paintings by the Spencers, who all have art back-grounds, hang next to work by other artists in their small, out-of-the-way space