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    NEWS — Air Brush Artist

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    Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist

    Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist

    Blanco’s interest in art began with his grandma who was an oil painter. Watching her oil paint inspired him to become a graffiti artist. Grandma bought him an airbrush kit (probably to get him to stay home and not paint the neighborhood walls). Blanco developed serious skills with that airbrush and continues working in this medium to this day. Black and gray tattoo realism is something that he excels in as a result of many years working in airbrush. Blanco easily made the transition from airbrush artist to tattoo artist.

    In 1993, when his daughter was born, Blanco decided to get her name tattooed on him on Valentine’s Day. He soon developed a rapport with the shop owner who wanted some mural work done in airbrush. This relationship was the beginning of his interest in tattooing. Blanco prefers doing large
    shoulder and back pieces, but enjoys all styles of tattooing. While he excels at black and grey, he’s not limited to one style. Blanco easily transitioned from airbrush artist into his tattoo career.

    As a hobby, Blanco enjoyed Jiu Jitsu for over 18 years. Although he got into it much later in life, at age 34, he managed to accomplish a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. He also has experience in Muay Thai and a black belt in Karate. Blanco has many trophies from competition in martial arts and for him, it’s all great stress relievers.

    So if you want to wrestle with a tattoo artist, Blanco’s your man. We’d recommend asking him first! LOL. Welcome to the Studio 21 Crew sir!