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    NEWS — Best Customer Service

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    The Best Customer Service In Las Vegas

    It’s Saturday morning in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, not for long. Here at Studio 21 Tattoo, our doors open at noon. I can hear Penny in there counting the drawer and getting ready for a very busy day. Penny is one of our counter girl, customer service representatives. The other one is Courtney, my daughter, who has the day off today. These two provide, without a doubt, the best customer service in the tattoo industry in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Not enough can be said about how important these two ladies are to us. They are the first impression with every new customer. As we all know, first impressions are extremely important.

    I frequently hear from my customers that it is very hard to get some of the other Las Vegas tattoo parlors to return emails and even phone calls. I really like hearing this!

    That’s how our competition sends us business. Thanks guys for not returning those emails! We appreciate every customer you send us.

    Once Courtney and Penny communicate with the customer and figure out what crazy tattoo idea they have, it’s time to assign the job to one of our excellent tattoo artists.

    The idea is then presented to the artists. The next step is to estimate the price. This is passed on the the customer for approval. The appointment is set and we are ready to rock!

    Studio 21 also takes walk-ins on a first come, first served basis. Usually we have an extra artist on staff just for this purpose.

    With almost two hundred tattoo studios, shops, parlors or whatever in Las Vegas, it’s increasingly difficult to stay on top. We have eight experienced tattoo artists on staff to take care of any tattoo style. Courtney and Penny are always available to get you set up with the best artists for your style of tattoo.

    Thanks Courtney and Penny for all you do!!!

    Chas. T. Spencer @21tat

    Owner/Artist at Studio 21 Tattoo, Las Vegas