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    New Tattoo Trends

    New Tattoo Trends

    I’ve been seeing a lot of tattoo reference pictures coming through the shop lately with this loose watercolor style color overlaying  simple black line work. I have to admit I was a little weary at first and didn’t understand it..(like an old grumpy man). I looked a little more into and figured I’d give it a shot! Luckily I had a client asking for something different so I gave it a go and have to admit that I was pretty happy with the outcome. She really loved the piece and I wouldn’t be bummed at all about doing more of this style! Call the shop and let me know if your interested in creating something special with me. Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @Onmydong

    Austin Spencer, Owner/Artist Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery Las Vegas, NV 702-248-8762