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    Crazy Tattoo Trends - Ya or Nah

    Crazy Tattoo Trends - Ya or Nah

    We are still in the first half of 2024, but we are already seeing some crazy tattoo trends this year.  And I am not talking about all those trendy micro mini hearts and updated tribal 90s tattoos we have been seeing on repeat.  I am talking about the crazy trends we have been seeing all over Social Media like Magic Ink, Semi Permanent Ink, Tattoo Sedation, and Automatic Tattooing.  Don't know what they are… no problem.  I am here to give you a quick run down on the insanity that has taken over the industry!

    Magic Ink has been around for a few years, but thanks to a few viral videos, 2024 seems to be the year we have all learned about this trend!  Magic Ink claims to be activating and deactivating ink.  Essentially it is UV reactive ink, so when you want it to appear just wave your UV wand and “poof” you have a tattoo.  And when you want it to disappear just wave your UV wand with a different wavelength and say goodbye to your ink.  So this sounds great for those areas you want a tattoo, but don't want those conservative family members or employers to see.  Or what a great way to get crazy creative with your tattoo designs.  Think a dragon that you always see, then wave your magic UV wand and red fire shoots out of the dragon's mouth.  So this idea is kinda growing on me now!  There are a few cons - as of right now the Magic Ink is only available in red ink.  And their website claims you can activate and deactivate it 1000s of times, but how long does it really last?  The ink is also pricey and tattoo artists that offer it are limited.

    Next up, Semi Permanent Ink… also known as Ephemeral Tattoos.  These vegan semi permanent tattoos claim our bodies naturally remove ephemeral tattoo ink over time.  The ink contains medical grade bio-absorbable ingredients that shrink over time and eventually fade away.  This can take 1-3 years.   SOOOOO  originally they claimed their tattoos only lasted 9-15 months and I guess 3 years later some of those tattoos are a little more semi permanent than expected.  Also when these fade, they don't have a nice even fade like the website digital example shows.  Most ephemeral tattoos I googled have an uneven fade.  But if you have commitment issues, this sounds like the perfect tattoo for you!

    Tattoo Sedation, yup you heard that right, skip all the pain and get tattooed under anesthesia.  Show up to your tattoo appointment with a clean slate and in just a few hours and with the help of a few tattoo artists, an anesthesiologist, a medical team and $$$ you can be heavily tattooed!  What happened to the days of sitting for hours on end and feeling the pain for the reward of your new ink? And what about building your tattoo collection over many years?   Well considering estimates for Tattoo Sedation start at around $40,000+  I think the old fashion way of getting tattooed is gonna be around for a while.   

    Automatic tattooing is our final crazy tattoo trend.  You might be asking yourself, what is automatic tattooing…basically you are getting tattooed from a machine.  This highly precise robot first analyzes your skin type, then based on that data determines the puncture and puncture depth to create a precise and personalized tattoo.  At the moment, it seems these robots can only do fine-line minimalism, dot work, and realism tattoos.  So if you are in the Austin, TX area and are looking for a futuristic way to get tattooed, this might be your thing.  

    So what are your thoughts on these tattoo trends?  Leave a comment on which is a Ya or Nay for you.