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    Hopeful Improvements

    There are a lot of tattoos out there that tattoo enthusiasts have acquired through their lifetime that they regret, or wished could be improved. There is hope for some of those situations, it just takes a little time to consult with your artist and figure out a solution. Whatever the situation, do not rush the project. Research and due diligence is worth your time and effort. Our studio handles all kinds of issues and problems with existing tattoos. The key is trusting your tattoo artist and being open to suggestions. Total cover-ups may be the answer to some projects as opposed to re-working an existing tattoo to look brand new. Don’t loose hope if you are in that situation, often solutions are there, you just need to find the right tattoo artist for the project. Keep in mind there are some projects that an honest artist will admit that he cannot work with, it happens, so listen up. This particular tattoo circulated the internet and had a happy ending for the customer and his artist, thought you might find it interesting.