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    NEWS — Pinstriping

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    From Tattooing To Pinstriping and Back!

    From Tattooing To Pinstriping and Back!

    Ron Gilmore, our newest addition to our team, wanted to pick up a hobby aside from tattooing after serving in the military. He came across our very own Desert Art Supply store in Henderson, Las Vegas where they happened to have a sign up for pinstriping classes. He thought it would be something new to check out. Ron was a natural at pinstriping and began to do it for fun. 

    Pinstriping can be done on almost any surface which is why Ron enjoys it so much. Pinstriping on cars, signs, tools and other oddities adding clean and sharp designs to your everyday subjects. 

    Another one of Ron’s interests is Star Wars which he grew up watching with his dad on Sundays and then became even more interested in the series while on a flight from Pensacola, Florida to Kuwait during the military as he read the entire book of Jabba’s Palace during his travels. Ron takes pleasure in tattooing Star Wars subjects in a Traditional style and is an overall pretty cool dude. We are so happy to have him on board with the 21 crew!