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    The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Tattoo on Vacation

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Tattoo on Vacation

    Ever wonder what you should do if you’re planning a tattoo while on vacation? Let’s go over the pros and cons and set you up for success on your next vacation in Las Vegas!

    Some of the cool things about getting a tattoo is that it makes the whole vacation a memorable experience! It is a great way to celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties, family/friend reunions and more. Many clients at Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery have turned it into yearly traditions with some of our top artists from around the country.

    Some of the potential cons on getting a tattoo while on vacation could be the aftercare of a tattoo while on vacation. Pools/Spas or outdoor activities are harmful to a fresh tattoo, therefore you might consider scheduling your tattoo at the end of your trip. Or if you are carrying heavy luggage, while a larger tattoo is healing, it might become super uncomfortable. Las Vegas has numerous tattoo shops where you could get inked, but not all places are safe to get a tattoo from. Do your research and choose a place with a good reputation, choose Studio 21 Tattoo!

    Some helpful tips include contacting our shop when you start making travel plans. Search our artists and see if you’d like to work with anyone in particular or we can suggest one for you. When you contact the shop, design, pricing and the time involved will be discussed before you get here to save time while you are here!

    Walk-in tattoos may be an option, but are not always available. Walk-in’s are first come first served basis only. Plan your time accordingly.

    By Vanessa Torres