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    NEWS — Convention

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    Masters of Tattooing Unite

    Where: The Masters of Tattoo Invitational, Hollywood Park,California

    Group Photo Lineup: (Hanky Panky, Dana Brunson, Greg James, Mike Skyver, Philadelphia Eddie, Rick Walters, Robert Benedetti, Tennessee Dave James, Eric InkSmith) Bottom : Kandi Everett)

    The setting was perfect once inside the convention room, outside was a great view of the horse track. Even though the attendance was really low, the convention was amazing. A convention for artists to unite and share some good times. Phil Luck and Charlie Spencer from Studio 21 Tattoo attended the convention in Hollywood Park, CA, sharing a booth with Philadelphia Eddie and Timmy Tatts, two of the most interesting  east coast tattooers around. Philadelphia Eddie was doing a book signing, selling the first three volumes of his life story. A must read for anyone in the tattoo industry! Eddie has plans to write three more volumes which are currently in the works with the help of his ghost writer, Eric Foemmel. Phil and Charlie had a great time swapping stories with Eddie & Eric. Charlie had the opportunity to add to his personal tattoo collection. Staying true to his Texas roots, he had Oliver “Ducky” Peck place a nice traditional cow girl the top left shoulder. Outside the convention, Phil and Charlie got a chance to run down to Long Beach to visit the oldest tattoo shop in the USA, formerly Bert Grimm’s shop, now called Outer Limits Tattoo. The floor guy Jeremy gave them the cook’s tour with all the vintage details. The shop is a museum of tattoo history as well as a functional tattoo/piercing facility. They also had the opportunity to sign the wall as do many tattoo artists that visit this historical place. A weekend to remember, great conversations with some of the best tattooers worldwide.