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    Party Like A Tattoo Artist

    Party Like A Tattoo Artist

    The guys and gals at Studio 21 Tattoo know how to party like a tattoo artist! The holiday season in full swing, the crew decided to pull out all the stops and do a Christmas costume party instead of the old, boring, corporate style holiday party. Charlie @21tat and Becki @tfcmomcame dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause while the rest of the crew were dressed as elves. Austin @onmydong and his beautiful wife, Paige @thepeaser were there along side Mr. and Mrs. Clause as the lead elves.

    The party began at Capo’s Restaurant on West Sahara. Amazing Italian cuisine and a full open bar made the gathering super special. Nobody left hungry!! The food and service at this joint were perfect for a tattoo style holiday gathering. Can’t say enough about how well this part of the event went. So much fun! We all spent a few hours stuffing ourselves and enjoying some casual chatter until we were all so full we needed to get up and dance or something. The decision was made to move the party to a Korean Karaoke bar not too far from the dinner joint.

    Phase two of this amazing holiday soiree was pretty much the best time all of this crew have had together in a while. Austin arranged a V.I.P. room at the Karaoke Bar and purchased a few buckets of ice cold beer and the festivities continued. Something about a private room and no supervision from the proprietor makes singing and dancing so much fun. Everyone got loose as a goose and sang to the top of our voices. No shy people in this group! Paige Overton with her amazing voice was there to fill in when the rest of us were lost for words. Amazing music, good friends and plenty of alcohol made for a really special party for all who attended! Thanks to the amazing Studio 21 Tattoo crew for making our holiday party better than ever!