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    NEWS — Finger Tattoos

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    Finger Tattoos

    Finger tattoos are a very popular request these days here at Studio 21 Tattoo. There are things to consider before deciding to mark up any of your digits for life. As a tattoo artist I have had the opportunity to take a close look at many of these. Honestly, it seems that more times than not, these tattoos don’t look very impressive.

    There are tattooists that post pictures on the internet of these tiny tattoos on fingers that look amazing. The problem is most of these photos are taken immediately after the procedure. Sure it sometimes looks good right after it’s done. Many of these turn into disasters in a very short time.

    I have tattooed numerous knuckles over the years with some success. Usually these have been done on tattoo artists. The good thing about a tattooer getting his/her knuckles tattooed is they can get their knuckles touched up any time by their co-workers. If you are not a tattoo artist, you may be taking your chances. Most artists will not do touch-ups on finger tattoos. The obvious reason for this is they often times don’t heal well or stay in the skin well at all.

    Of course we all know the guy who says “I’ve had my finger tattoos for twenty years and they still look great”. Someone once said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. They may have been talking about some of those time worn, finger tattoos.

    If there is any part of your finger that will tattoo well, it would be the top of the knuckles. Rarely will you see a good,healed tattoo on the side of someone’s finger. These guys just hardly ever hold! Over the years, I’ve let people talk me in to doing these. Yikes! Every tattoo artist has done tattoos that they regret. Some of mine were finger tattoos.

    This is just food for thought. If you really want to try a finger tattoo, go for it. Just remember these words when you are trying to figure out how to make those black spots on the side of your finger go away.

    Chas T. Spencer @21tat Owner/Artist Studio 21 Tattoo Las Vegas, Nevada