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    NEWS — Air Force

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    Free Falling From C-130’s To Sin City

    Free Falling From C-130’s To Sin City

    Here at Studio 21, we are very proud to have Ron Gilmore who has served in the U.S Air Force before the beginning of his tattoo career for 10 years. On a chill Sunday, we decided to ask him a couple more questions regarding his past military life. He went to military school at seventeen and was offered to go into the Army, Marines or Air Force and he chose the Air Force. Ron was a Combat Controller, the scariest thing Ron has ever done was jump out of an airplane at 30,000 feet. He fulfilled 150 military free falls and about 75 static lines. He never broke anything, but he definitely hit his head pretty hard a few times! While traveling in the military the most beautiful place he had visited was Azores in Portugal, but he enjoyed Turkey the best because it reminded him of the Las Vegas strip, super fun! The thing that Ron is most proud of is completing his military training, because he can choose to quit every day, but he never gave up. Everything else after that, he was just happy to be out of training. During his last enlistment, he got into tattooing so that he could do that after his service. He had someone there give him the opportunity and be his mentor, then later on he moved to Atlanta and worked with Dino Cook and Russ Abbott at Psycho Tattoo. Another really awesome dude he worked with was Chris Steele who still remains as Ron’s really good friend. He was later then recruited here in Las Vegas at a strip shop and when the opportunity came knocking again, he ended up here with the Studio 21 crew!

    By Vanessa Torres