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    Tattoo Artist Portfolios

    Tattoo Artist Portfolios

    Considering some new ink? First it is always wise to take a look at the tattoo artist portfolios to help make this very important decision.

    There are many styles of tattoos available these days. It is always recommended that when considering permanent art work on your body to first see if the tattoo parlor you choose to do business with has the right artist for your tattoo. The tattoo artist portfolio will give you an idea of the style of art work the artist feels confident in doing.

    Tattoo artists are like fingerprints. No two are the same. You probably wouldn’t want a portrait artist doing a traditional full color back piece. On the other hand, you also would not want the traditional ship and anchor guy doing your grandma’s portrait. Some artists are very versatile and can do many different styles. Most artists have a style they prefer to focus on and that will show in the tattoo artist portfolios.

    If you are looking for a very small tattoo, it may not be so important to shop around for the best tattoo artist in your community. You just want to find the right person for the job. Small tattoos are important too! Actually some of the small tattoos are difficult to perfect. One really needs to find an artist that does super clean work. One tiny mistake shows up more on a little tattoo than it will on a large piece.

    One can’t express how important it is to study tattoo artist portfolios. Our studio has seven artists available for that tattoo you’ve been thinking about. We have a variety of styles represented here. Jasen “Swarm” Wood @darthswarm is a very experienced artist with a traditional style. Mike Biggs @biggsstudio is anything but traditional. He loves to do creepy, spooky stuff and is very accomplished at photo realism. Tyson Taumaoe @savageson is an amazing illustrator with a background in caricature art. He has adapted his illustration skills to tattooing and it works extremely well! Nick Bones @nickbonestattooshas a neo-traditional style and loves to do anything with a pug in it! Phil Luck @phillucktattoo is an outstanding east coast style traditional tattoo artist with many years experience. He also produces tattoo flash that is amazing!

    The owners here at Studio 21 Tattoo are also very experienced tattoo artists having been busy tattooing in Las Vegas since the late 90’s. Austin @onmydong is an amazing illustrator/painter. He has a tattoo style all his own. Austin specializes in colorful artwork with flowing designs. Charlie @21tat sticks with a traditional style. Perfect line work and bold colors with simple designs is what you will find here.

    If you are considering getting tattooed on your next trip to Las Vegas or you are a local looking for the right artist for you, make sure to check out our tattoo artist portfolios before you make that decision for a lifetime!