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    Our Reviews Are Exceptional!!!

    Our Reviews Are Exceptional!!!

    Anyone who is exposed to social media these days is aware of the powers of the various review sites that are available to us. Most of us are familiar with Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, etc. These reviews enable many of us to find great restaurants, hotels, museums, tourist destinations and a host of other services. People will use these sites as an opportunity to let others know about their experiences. It’s fun to share information with others when we find something interesting or special! Particularly when we travel. As a traveler it’s great to have these sources of info to help guide us along the way. So cool to be able to find small businesses in a town we are not familiar with. These sites offer us insight in to goods and services we otherwise would not be privy to.

    In the past, most small businesses relied on “word of mouth” if there was not enough in the budget to advertise. Before the smart phone this was a very effective way to spread the news about a family business such as ours. In a world where everything is moving faster than ever, it can be a great benefit to have people talking about us on their various devices. 

    As owners of a small family business we feel fortunate to have  so many faithful followers helping us every day by referring new clientele to our studio conveniently located near the Las Vegas Strip. We know with about two hundred tattoo shops in Las Vegas that the competition is extremely tough in our city. Making sure that customers leave our studio happy is priority one! We also strive to make sure their experience is a great one!

    It’s not uncommon to have guests from around the world visit our shop. They literally come from everywhere! A tattoo makes a wonderful souvenir that lasts a lifetime. Our highly skilled artists all work extremely hard to keep our visitors coming back for more. Maybe that’s why we are the most reviewed tattoo business in the entire state of Nevada!

    Many thanks to all those who have taken the time out of their busy day to write a review. All of us here at Studio 21 Tattoo appreciate this type of participation  from our customers. We feel this is a major part of our continued success as a small family owned business. Keep those reviews coming folks!

    Thanks Again,

    Charlie Spencer


    Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery, Inc.