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    Tattoo Digest

    Tattoo Digest

    There is no better way to bring people together than when you involve all things food! Food is a representation of expressions and cultures around the world. With so many cultures around the world that we may not be able to visit, we have the ability to experience them through the food that comes to our restaurants and stores. Now how do tattoos and foods go together? The influence food has brought has even made its way into the tattoo industry, why not get your favorite foods inked on you? A few popular tattoo foods are peaches, which have been popular for decades, avocados, noodles, pizza, desserts and more! Here at Studio 21 Tattoo we have seen many clients inked with their favorite foods. A few weeks ago a bowl of noodles was tattooed on a couple of best friends and every artists at this shop has had their share of pineapple, avocado, taco and burrito tattoos. Food tattoos are always fun and great ways to express our love of food, community and culture. What food would you have tattooed on you?

    Vanessa Torres

    Evening Of “West of Hell”, Whiskey And Cigars

    Evening Of “West of Hell”, Whiskey And Cigars

    On Saturday, April 7th from 6pm-9pm will be an evening of “West of Hell”, whiskey and cigars at Studio 21 Tattoo. An event regarding the book signing of Whiskey Emerson’s “West of Hell” book, first of a trilogy. Swing by and meet the author and enjoy a little whiskey, beer and conversation. Rogue Ales & Spirits out of Oregon, will be providing samples of their tasty liquor brands. There wil be $50 tattoos based on the character logos that Charlie Spencer illustrated for the chapters in the book. A flash sheet of the tattoos will be posted soon on our social media. All proceeds from the tattoos wil go to St. Jude’s Ranch, one of Studio 21 Tattoo’s favorite charities. A discount of $10 will be offered on the first 10 books sold, in addition to free “West of Hell” whiskey glasses given to the first 20 people in the door. All books will be signed by Whiskey Emerson, adventurist, world traveler, author and renegade. There will be a raffle for a $100.00 Studio 21 Tattoo Gift Certificate and for a civil war replica of a Griswold pistol. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Whiskey Emerson’s book is avaiable on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble, to name a few sources. If you were wondering what the book is about…here’s a llittle teaser.

    One hundred and fiftey years ago, New York City was not the city it is today. It was a hellish metropolis, a machines fueled and controlled by political corruption, murder, violence, and extortion. A place where no life was sacred…a place not for the faint of heart. Welcome to the world of West of hell, book one of the West of Hell trilogy.





    Schedule of other book signings for “West Of Hell”

    March 25, 2018

    Vroman’s Bookstore (Just outside Los Angelos,CA)

    April 7, 2018

    Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery (2 miles west of the Strip, Las Vegas, NV)

    May 12, 2018

    Barnes and Noble (Just outside Portland, OR)

    $50 Taco Tattoo Tuesday at Studio 21 Tattoo

    $50 Taco Tattoo Tuesday at Studio 21 Tattoo

    We love tacos,You love tacos…so we’re gettin’ down on our first ever “Taco Tuesday” on June 21st from 6-9 pm at Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery ( 6020 W. Flamingo 89103 ) . Get a jump on it and take a peek at all the great summertime taco party illustrations to choose from. Pick your taco design from either flash sheet, maybe even get two designs. $50 each (no color, one size fits all ). Studio 21 Tattoo Taco flash is  created by our tattoo artists and only available right here at Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery on THIS date. Get a taco tattoo, get some street tacos, it’s that simple. Let’s PARTY!!