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    NEWS — Nevada

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    Tattoo Las Vegas, Nevada

    Tattoo Las Vegas, Nevada

    It’s another beautiful day to tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada! As usual, I went on a long bicycle ride to get some fresh air and a little exercise. Exercise is not something a tattoo artist gets during the work day. There is a lot of sitting involved in the tattoo process.

    As I was rolling around in this perfect weather, I couldn’t help but feel very fortunate to be where I am on the earth doing what I do. The dry, desert breeze never fails to appeal to a desert rat such as myself. Having grown up on the gulf coast of Texas, mostly in the Houston area, I have developed an appreciation for the desert. Humidity, what’s that? We just don’t get a lot of that damp, muggy air around these parts. In fact, it’s really hard to work up a sweat on a day like today. Awesome!

    The desert flora are in bloom and the mountain backdrop is amazing!  As I head west on parts of my ride, I can see the Spring Mountain range and the Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. No matter how many times I’ve looked at this view, I never get tired of it. It is absolutely gorgeous.  On the flip side, as I head east, I have a view of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and the Stratosphere Tower. Another view that just doesn’t get old. My family has been in Las Vegas for twenty-five years now. How time flies. Austin and Courtney were just little farts when we moved here. A move that we have never regretted!

    As I begin my day trying to make sure all of our amazing tattoo artists are busy. I feel lucky to be here tattooing in Las Vegas. I feel lucky to have a staff of hard working artists with loads of talent to spend my days with. How could you not like this job?

    I have to thank my lucky stars for this life. Now lets get to work!

    Chas T. Spencer @21tat


    Studio 21 Tattoo

    Las Vegas, Nevada