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    NEWS — Fundraiser

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    Cannons Fired

    With cannons exploding, beer flowing, aggressive ping pong battles in full effect, the “Salty Holograms” closing party equaled much success. Probably  the most interactive art show I’ve attended, Travis Jackson and Ryan Tino were offering the opportunity to blast off a custom made “faux” pirate canon with a chance to land the foam canon ball into an open pirate chest on the opposing side of the gallery. For every sunkin’ booty chest you were given the experience of screen printing a shirt of your own size and choice of graphic to take home. Black and white illustrations layered in a collage effect with vintage photos backed by hand painted murals and one off screen printed shirts, zines, and an assortment of other goodies lurked amongst the plaid and corduroy hipsters. Look forward to seein’ more of the guys work in the future for sure, the guys are always participating in Studio 21′s group art shows and fundraisers. Thanks for the beer n’ vegan pizza, count me in at the next event. Be sure to peep thehttp://twelve21gallery.com for futuristic good times next time you are in the Las Vegas Arts District.

    Austin Spencer/Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery