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    Tattoo Battles Begin…

    An innocent moment of joking around with a fellow tattooer and creating a challenge between the two of them morphed into an Instagram live stream of drawing battles amongst tattoo artists in the USA. The idea was born thanks to Austin Spencer of Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery and Jonathan Penchoff of Black Lotus Tattoo. The rules were created and the battles began on Instagram @TattooFightClub. The enthusiasm and frenzy of participation has been overwhelming, 10,000 followers in less than two weeks is an exciting marketing accomplishment for the two artists. The elevated artistic level of tattoo artists has always been out there, but not everyone has had the opportunity to be exposed to it. Through Instagram, anyone can follow the feed to see all the crazy creative talent posted by tattoo artists. The Tattoo Fight Club has captured the attention of both artists and fans. For more information on the brilliant idea of Austin and Jonathan, the Las Vegas Weekly was on the stands last week.