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    Taco Tuesday, Best Deal of The Day

    Taco Tuesday, Best Deal of The Day

    A handwritten sign in Studio 21 Tattoo showing the proceedure for signing up for Taco Tuesday tattoosupclose picture of Taco Tuesday grilled meatsowner of studio 21 tattoo cooking over the grillOn certain summer Tuesdays, in blazing hot Las Vegas, tattoo fans can get a smokin’ good deal at Studio 21 Tattoo. We call it “Taco Tuesday” and a great time is had by all who participate!

    The idea is that those who join in on the festivities get a fun, taco themed tattoo and a couple home made street tacos prepared by the Spencer family for fifty bucks. This year, we picked the last Tuesday of the month in June, July and August. Most of the folks that took advantage of this awesome offer last summer will show up for all three events. We also gain newcomers each time Taco Tuesday comes along.

    All Taco Tuesday tattoo designs are prepared by the artists at Studio 21 Tattoo. There are so many cool designs to choose from, some people go ahead and get two!

    This event is offered to give back to the community that is that has supported our studio over the years. Not limited to locals, we have had numerous tourists who just happened to be in town join in on the fun. It is always announce on social media by the studio and each of our artists and employees.

    So if you feel the urge for some great tacos, excellent company and really fun little quickie tattoo custom designed by our outstanding staff of artists, drop on in on Taco Tuesdays for a real good time.

    Follow us on Instagram @studio21tattoo https://www.instagram.com/studio21tattoo/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Studio-21-Tattoo-Gallery-206119829429 and visit our website to stay up with our stellar staff of artists. https://studio21tattoo.com/