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    NEWS — Tattoo Artist

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    Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist

    Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist

    Blanco’s interest in art began with his grandma who was an oil painter. Watching her oil paint inspired him to become a graffiti artist. Grandma bought him an airbrush kit (probably to get him to stay home and not paint the neighborhood walls). Blanco developed serious skills with that airbrush and continues working in this medium to this day. Black and gray tattoo realism is something that he excels in as a result of many years working in airbrush. Blanco easily made the transition from airbrush artist to tattoo artist.

    In 1993, when his daughter was born, Blanco decided to get her name tattooed on him on Valentine’s Day. He soon developed a rapport with the shop owner who wanted some mural work done in airbrush. This relationship was the beginning of his interest in tattooing. Blanco prefers doing large
    shoulder and back pieces, but enjoys all styles of tattooing. While he excels at black and grey, he’s not limited to one style. Blanco easily transitioned from airbrush artist into his tattoo career.

    As a hobby, Blanco enjoyed Jiu Jitsu for over 18 years. Although he got into it much later in life, at age 34, he managed to accomplish a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. He also has experience in Muay Thai and a black belt in Karate. Blanco has many trophies from competition in martial arts and for him, it’s all great stress relievers.

    So if you want to wrestle with a tattoo artist, Blanco’s your man. We’d recommend asking him first! LOL. Welcome to the Studio 21 Crew sir!


    Why Go To A Pro To Get A Tattoo?

    Why Go To A Pro To Get A Tattoo?

    One has many choices when it comes time to get a tattoo. There are approximately two hundred tattoo establishments in Clark County. There are also those types that tattoo out of the kitchen.So many choices, so little time.

    The first thing that comes to mind as a tattoo artist myself is, it’s never a good idea to look for a cheap bargain piece of work. It pays in the long run to seek out an outstanding professional with a track record to prove it. Nobody gets five star reviews for doing a sloppy job!

    Studio 21 Tattoo has ten highly skilled artists with a broad variety of styles. A super clean environment with an impeccable record with the Southern Nevada Health District. We’ve always taken pride in being clean and safe.

    Customer service is another thing to consider. Our studio always has a smiling, friendly face to greet guests. Not only are we friendly, we’re knowledgeable on the subject of tattooing. Our professional staff have been scheduling tattoo work for clients worldwide for the past twenty years.

    Our talented artists are available daily for consultations to share their creativity and help our clients come up with a design that you can live with! We strive to provide every client a pleasant experience and a tattoo they can be proud to show off.

    Also, consider the fact that we will be here if you need a touch up on that beautiful piece of art work. Occasionally a touch up is necessary and if so, these are provided at no charge to our customer.

    Make good choices! That’s it in a nut shell. Our studio is easy to find on West Flamingo Road just two miles west of The Strip. We’ve been here for twenty years and plan on being here for another twenty! We’re a family owned and operated business always here for your tattoo needs. It just doesn’t get any better.

    By Charlie Spencer/Owner

    Free Falling From C-130’s To Sin City

    Free Falling From C-130’s To Sin City

    Here at Studio 21, we are very proud to have Ron Gilmore who has served in the U.S Air Force before the beginning of his tattoo career for 10 years. On a chill Sunday, we decided to ask him a couple more questions regarding his past military life. He went to military school at seventeen and was offered to go into the Army, Marines or Air Force and he chose the Air Force. Ron was a Combat Controller, the scariest thing Ron has ever done was jump out of an airplane at 30,000 feet. He fulfilled 150 military free falls and about 75 static lines. He never broke anything, but he definitely hit his head pretty hard a few times! While traveling in the military the most beautiful place he had visited was Azores in Portugal, but he enjoyed Turkey the best because it reminded him of the Las Vegas strip, super fun! The thing that Ron is most proud of is completing his military training, because he can choose to quit every day, but he never gave up. Everything else after that, he was just happy to be out of training. During his last enlistment, he got into tattooing so that he could do that after his service. He had someone there give him the opportunity and be his mentor, then later on he moved to Atlanta and worked with Dino Cook and Russ Abbott at Psycho Tattoo. Another really awesome dude he worked with was Chris Steele who still remains as Ron’s really good friend. He was later then recruited here in Las Vegas at a strip shop and when the opportunity came knocking again, he ended up here with the Studio 21 crew!

    By Vanessa Torres

    From Tattooing To Pinstriping and Back!

    From Tattooing To Pinstriping and Back!

    Ron Gilmore, our newest addition to our team, wanted to pick up a hobby aside from tattooing after serving in the military. He came across our very own Desert Art Supply store in Henderson, Las Vegas where they happened to have a sign up for pinstriping classes. He thought it would be something new to check out. Ron was a natural at pinstriping and began to do it for fun. 

    Pinstriping can be done on almost any surface which is why Ron enjoys it so much. Pinstriping on cars, signs, tools and other oddities adding clean and sharp designs to your everyday subjects. 

    Another one of Ron’s interests is Star Wars which he grew up watching with his dad on Sundays and then became even more interested in the series while on a flight from Pensacola, Florida to Kuwait during the military as he read the entire book of Jabba’s Palace during his travels. Ron takes pleasure in tattooing Star Wars subjects in a Traditional style and is an overall pretty cool dude. We are so happy to have him on board with the 21 crew! 

    Ryan “Cush” Cushinery

    Ryan “Cush” Cushinery

    We are proud to have Mr. Ryan Cush on our team. A family man with a lot on his plate, Ryan has a beautiful wife named Sarah and four children, Nick, Devan, Mason and Hailey. That’s a lotta mouths to feed there! It’s no wonder Ryan always seems to have his head down working. 

    Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Cush was brought to Las Vegas at a young age so his parents could get away from the extra chilly winters up north. They certainly don’t have to worry about snow any more. Desert life now! Only one or two snows per decade for us desert rats.

    Ryan graduated from high school at Mojave High in 2002. He developed a tattoo drawing style while still a student by drawing tattoos for his friends. Guess he was pretty good at it! He played in a ska-punk band for a couple years and decided there was not money in it so he needed a change. Being the multi talented person he is, Ryan found an apprenticeship at Voodoo Tattoo here in Las Vegas and established himself as a respected tattooer in the community. With a number of years tattooing on the strip, Ryan was pleased to join us out here in the suburbs to get away from some of the madness on Las Vegas Boulevard. He really enjoys doing neo traditional style stuff and basically anything with lots of color with the exception of realism.

    When asked what his favorite movie was, he said “Big Trouble in Little China!” Guess he really likes Kurt Russell. His favorite band is Mad Caddies. Sounds good to us! Ryan has been a great addition to our staff of outstanding tattoo professionals. So glad to have him with us! Check out his portfolio on the web site. He’s here for your next tattoo several days a week. Check him out!