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    NEWS — Walk Ins

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    Our Studio Does Take Walk Ins

    Our Studio Does Take Walk Ins

    Our studio does take walk ins daily.

    Studio 21 Tattoo does take walk ins every day. We try to always have at least one artist available for walk ins. At times it has been brought to our attention that people think we are too busy here at the studio to do walk in services. That is just not the case. We currently have eight extremely talented artists on staff. We are never too busy to accommodate your tattoo needs!

    It is advised that you call first to make sure someone is available, but it is very rare that we wouldn’t have at least one artist ready for your last minute tattoo decision. Please keep in mind that many of the art pieces that we do require some planning and drawing time prior to the tattoo procedure. This is the whole idea for making appointments! So that we can schedule the time and have ample preparation time to do the job right.

    We are only two miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, so it is advised that you take a cab instead of the uphill walk from Caesar’s Palace or the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. On a nice, cool day in February, this might be a great little hike, but in the summer you might have a heat stroke trekking up that hill! We want you to enjoy your experience in Las Vegas, so please plan accordingly.