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    Austin Takes the Plunge!

    Austin Takes the Plunge!

    While in San Diego for a friends bachelor party last weekend, I decided it was  a good idea to go sky diving over Tijuana, Mexico!? Yup.  So Amazing. This was an incredible experience put together at the last minute with some long time friends over a couple Bloody Marys at breakfast. If you haven’t tried this, I HIGHLY recommend it. The Guys at Pacific Coast Skydiving in San Diego were so great! They handled it just like I needed..a couple jokes but were incredibly professional and didn’t push it or make fun of how insanely nervous and uncomfortable I was. The whole experience was humbling and really really cool. While going through this, I couldn’t help but think of how great it is to work with someone so calming and confident while experiencing something so new, potentially dangerous, and unknown. On a daily basis someone in our Tattoo Studio is being walked  through a  “first time”  tattoo experience with one of our artists. This is a BIG deal. I remember my first tattoo and was thankfully put through a great experience with that too. After all, It led  me to learning how to tattoo and eventually opening Studio 21 Tattoo. This makes me happy and LOVE the fact that we get to do this for our clients. I can’t help but feel like our crew is just as good and takes as much pride in doing this  as Pacific Coast Skydiving. It means a lot to us. My Skydiving instructor probably won’t remember me, but I will certainly remember him. He ruled. He was kind and fun and informative. I hope that every experience with my clients and all the other amazing artists we have, have offered this to Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery clients. It really can make or break an experience and hinder the clients interest in a potential new hobby or even lifestyle. I certainly am not apposed to sky diving again, I’ve done it, it was fucking incredible but I myself don’t think I’ll go out of my way to do it again. I can check it off my bucket list. I can see how that experience could get addicting just like my clients become so obsessed with getting more tattoos after their first one. Damn. My stomach still feels that crazy feeling it did when I dropped out. Do it. Don’t hesitate on getting your first tattoo, skydiving, or anything else you want to do. It will all work out.

    Thanks Jason Taylor for making the call and booking the Jump. Thanks to all the clients who let us walk them through their first tattoo and Thanks to the guys at Pacific Coast Skydiving, I wont’ forget it.


    Before I die, I want to_____________________.