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    The Thankful Year

    The Thankful Year

    Hey there, it’s V! I sometimes write the blog here at Studio 21, just reflecting on the year I’ve had since entering the world of “Tattoo Shop Life” as a gatekeeper. It has definitely been a very interesting year, full of exciting new experiences, meeting new people and seeing wonderful work done by all of the artists here at the shop!
    Being around artistic individuals on a regular basis really inspires me to continue to create new things, and it is pretty awesome being in an environment where you are always learning something new.
    As someone who comes from a family where I am the oldest, I didn’t realize all of my big brothers were going to show up in my life at a tattoo shop! That’s what it feels like working at Studio 21, from the dad jokes, fart jokes and nerf gun wars etc. They sure keep me on my toes! And I can’t forget about my other teammates Staysi and Ashley who are great people to work with, they are fun, reliable, intelligent individuals and together we make a pretty good team!
    I think I can speak for everyone at the shop. We are thankful for the friendships we have created here, the connections we have made with people that extend beyond the shop.
    We are thankful for each other and our clients especially, the new and old who give us purpose and something to strive for. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!!!

    -Written by Vanessa Torres