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    Bones On The Run!

    Bones On The Run!

    Nick Bones is proof that you don’t have to be some fancy schmancy dude with a fine arts degree to be an excellent tattooer. Like many tattoo artists today, Nick is totally self taught. Fascinated with drawing at an early age he was inspired mostly by Disney cartoons. “I would turn off the television and try to draw what I had just seen on the screen” says Nick. His interest in comics still shows in the numerous flash sheets he’s done depicting characters from adult cartoons. These adorn the walls of his booth here at Studio 21 Tattoo.

    Mr. Bones grew up in Dayton, Ohio and eventually found an apprenticeship at Vertigo Tattoo in Oxford. He moved to Vegas twelve years ago. Nick got married to Destiny in 2012. They have two pugs together named Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Pugsley. Supporting Southern Nevada Pug Rescue is one of their many shared passionate interests, as well as embracing the vegan lifestyle.

    Most of Nick’s time away from the studio is spent running. As of last month Nick completed his first 50 mile marathon. Congratulations to him on that great accomplishment. I am sure there will be many more runs on the horizon. He also enjoys cross-fit training and rock climbing out at Red Rock Recreation Area. For those of you not familiar with Las Vegas, Red Rock is an amazing geological formation about a twenty minute drive west of town. Rock climbers from around the world enjoy some expert level climbing adventures year round.

    An avid outdoorsman, Nick recently purchased a Mercedes Sprinter Van he says is “fancier than Nick”. He has plans to outfit this rig as a camper with all the bells and whistles. We are all looking forward to seeing what this baby will look like upon completion! Las Vegas is a perfect hub for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Vegas is surrounded by National Parks and Bureau Of Land Management property, also know as BLM Land as far as the eye can see. Over sixty percent of the land in Nevada is managed by the BLM.

    Mr. Bones has been working with us here at Studio 21 for about nine years now. He enjoys traditional style tattoos with bold lines and a simple color palette. A versatile tattoo artist, Nick has been working a lot recently in black and gray. It’s super popular right now. He’s an excellent at that too!

    It’s always a pleasure spending time with Mr. Bones. His schedule is always busy so you might want to call ahead and set up an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

    Get familiar with Nick on Instagram @nickbonestattoos

    Click on the link for Nick Bones portfolio: https://studio21tattoo.com/artists/nick-bones/

    Las Vegas to the NYC Marathon

    Las Vegas to the NYC Marathon

    A Studio 21 Tattoo tattoo artist depicting his before and after photos, losing 80 lb.Two runners standing on top of Mt. Griffth summit in the Spring MountainsJ “Swarm”, a resident tattoo artist at Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2008, is an accomplished traditional artist and proud father of two beautiful girls. In December, 2015, Swarm decided to make some life changing decisions. He decided to start running to improve his physical and mental outlook. Swarm began running two miles three times a week. As time passed his running distance increased as did his goals. For 2016 Swarm aspired to run 1,000 miles and complete 6 races for the year. Not only did he accomplish ambitious goal, he dropped over 50 lbs. in the process and exceeded the original 1,000 mile distance by 200 extra miles.

    As a benefit for outdoor enthusiasts, Las Vegas offers ideal weather and beautiful scenic areas to train for races. Whether its early morning runs through the 17 mile loop in Red Rock State Park or conquering the 20 mi. round trip trek to the 11,056 ft. elevation of Griffith Peak summit in the Spring Mountains of Southern NV. There is no shortage of breathtaking scenery to benefit those training endurance runs.

    The year 2016 marked a significant time period of great accomplishments for J Swarm and his excitement and enthusiasm carried forward to 2017, leaving his old habits behind him. Swarm’s new intentions were designed to go beyond his dream to achieve even bigger goals, including 2000 running miles, drop additional weight and complete 10 races ending the year with a marathon in Hawaii.

    Among the many races completed his 5th race of 2017, the St Jude’s Rock & Roll Marathon, really tugged at Swarm’s heart strings. In 1993 his younger brother passed away from Leukemia. With the help and generosity of friends and family he raised $1500 to benefit the St. Jude’s Hospital and Research for Childhood Cancer to help those families with expenses as they go through such a difficult time.

    In July of 2017, J. Swarm was notified that Michelob Ultra was giving out 100 bibs (running numbers) to the New York City Marathon. In order to win a bib, one must share your name, email and a written story about running. With nothing to lose, he decided to take the challenge. He began relaying the details of his tremendous weight (now down 80 lb) and how his passion for running developed into an obsession for his personal achievement. J Swarm won his bib to run in the New York City Marathon. on November 5th, 2017
    as a winner of the team Ultra contest. Needless to say he is honored, humbled to be among the chosen candidates and extremely excited to win the opportunity to experience to this historic marathon. The NYC is right around the corner and the Michelob Ultra Team has supplied Swarm with all the right gear to hit the ground running.



    The entire Studio 21 Tattoo family wish him luck accomplishing this great running event.
    These are the races completed by J Swarm:

    Lake Mead 10K
    Hot Chocolate 15k
    Recycled Run 10K
    Pumpkin Man 10k
    St. Jude’s Rock & Roll Marathon, San Diego, Half Marathon (raised $1500)
    Turkey Trot 12k
    1200 miles outdoors

    Lake Mead 10K
    Hot Chocolate 15k
    Revel Mt. Charleston Half Marathon
    Running With the Devil Half Marathon
    Dam Ruck & Run Trail Race Half Marathon
    Pumpkin Man 10k
    St. Jude’s Rock & Roll Marathon, Las Vegas (raised $1450)

    New York City Marathon 11/05/17
    Turkey Trot 12k
    Hawaii 12/10 Full Marathon