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    Studio 21 Tattoo Received The “Don’t Forget To Share Award”

    Studio 21 Tattoo Received The “Don’t Forget To Share Award”

    studio 21 tattoo forget to share awardstudio 21 tattoo recognition awardsstudio 21 tattoo congressional awardsIn March 2018 Studio 21 Tattoo received the “Don’t Forget To Share” award from the Nevada Business Magazine, sponsored by Nevada State Bank. Our company was among many small family business finalist at the event being recognized for their hard work and dedication. Nevada State Bank sponsors the event and recognizes the challenges that small family businesses can incur, and provides capital for financial needs, tools to assist in all areas of business operations, including online webinars and articles targeted to small companies. The Nevada Family Owned Business Event pays tribute to those small organizations providing jobs, contributing to the local economy, their perseverance and teamwork to community service. It was inspiring to be attending an event and nominated for an award amongst so many successful businesses, let alone win the award.

    The “Don’t Forget To Share” award category honors businesses who have made a significant contribution to the community and pride themselves on giving back. Austin Spencer was awarded and recognized, along with Becki and Charles Spencer for Studio 21 Tattoo’s team and their charity contributions in Las Vegas. The most recent and most notable of all our contributions was to the Steve Sisolac Fundraiser for Las Vegas Victims Fund. The following day after the Route 91 Harvest Festival trajic event, Austin Spencer pulled together a fundraiser, researched a reputable source to transfer our funds to, and within hours the event was under way. Within a week Studio 21 Tattoo had raised $17,540 to help the victims and badly injured to begin their long road to recovery. Our studio offered one design, an outline of Nevada with a small red heart in the southern part of the state to represent Las Vegas. Customers poured in from all over for the $50 tattoo to show respect for the victims as well as their love for our fabulous city. 1 October was, and still is, a difficult time for Las Vegas and the incredible sadness surrounding the event grew daily in epic porportions. Within a the week our team heard the worst of stories from our clients, and those closely related to friends and family of the victims. Thanks to Austin Spencer’s quick thinking and the desire and need to help our community, Studio 21 Tattoo’s employee participation, we successfully contributed a substantial amount of money, doing what we do best, tattoos. The team pulled together for a week, heads down working hard, near exhaustion, trying to hold back our own sadness until the event was over. The Sunday after 1 October, the last day of the fundraiser actually overlapped another pre-planed charity event, needless to say, our lobby was full at all times.

    The Spencer family is so proud of our team of employees who are incredibly dedicated to their trade, as well as share in our ideals of giving back to the community. The Studio 21 Tattoo crew has given much of their time and income to many chaities events over the years and we are grateful for their devotion and artistic contributions. Here’s a link to the brochure for the event if you want to read more about other small businesses in our community to support.

    Other charities we have contributed to through the years:

    American Heart Ass., CandleLighters Children for Childhood Cancer, St. Jude’s Ranch, Cimarron High School Robotics Program, Adaptive Action Sports, Boy’s & Girls Club, Best Buddies Nevada, Southern Nevada Pug Rescue, The Animal Foundation