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    NEWS — Neo Traditional

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    From Tattoo Art to Neo Impressionism

    Charlie Spencer, Studio 21 Tattoo artist and owner, spends his spare time creating black and white pointillism artwork. Pointillism, a popular 19th century French painting technique uses small dots of pure color placed next to each other and when viewed from a distance tones appear to blend together. This style goes back to the neo impressionist art movement, Georges Seurat, being one of the most popular painters of this era. Charlie has chosen this style of tediously applying dots over and over with Micron pens to achieve the darks and lights of tonal value desired, creating great detail. In black and white pointillism the two dots placed next to each other create “optical mixing”  creating a perceived single tone. His artwork has been displayed at various themed art venues and events including Cornerstone Gallery and Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery.