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    NEWS — Studio 21 Tattoo

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    Studio 21 Structure and Design

    Studio 21 Structure and Design

    As we embark on Studio 21 Tattoo’s 21st year, let’s take a look back and talk about how this tattoo shop paved the way for a new “look” for tattoo shops around the country. The studio combines family, artists with a variety of skills, and tattooers all rolled up into one. 
    Among those who have visited Studio 21 Tattoo, many that have entered our studio have been mesmerized by the elliptical design you will notice as soon as you walk through the doors. Every artist has their own personalized booth displayed with art, some art they have created, some art from their favorite creators or things that they love and inspire them. This was something that the Spencer’s really wanted, a better environment for their artists and artists being able to communicate with each other during their sessions if they desired. The Spencers hired an architect who observed them work in their previous shop and often chatted on how they wanted the shop to function. When they were finally shown a rough draft of the shop design, the Spencers were blown away with what he had created for them, something better than what they imagined. At that time, the center ellipse is what made things different, typically shops had pony walls or rows of chairs, but Studio 21 tattoo came up with something better, something more creative for clients and artists. At that time in the early 2000’s not only did it have one of the most unique layouts in the country for a tattoo shop, it was also the largest shop in the great state of Nevada. 
    After discussing an endless amount of names, Austin Spencer said, “Let’s just call it Studio 21”, and since it was the beginning of the 21st century, 21 resonates with the city of Las Vegas too well, created by a team of artists, not just tattooers, but painters, illustrators, sculptors and creators, they agreed upon “Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery.”

    -Written by Vanessa Torres

    Casey Weldon Headress

    Casey Weldon Headress


    Were lucky enough to have surrounded ourselves with some seriously talented artists and collectors of art of all kinds over the years and received some amazing gifts at times from people who blow our minds with talent. Casey Weldon is one of them. Austin Spencer, one of our artists and Co-Owner of Studio 21 Tattoo was fortunate enough to have Casey  as a friend  for over 10 years now. With Casey helping educate Austin with some priceless guidance in the acrylic painting medium and a lot of beer drinking, Austin accredited Casey to helping him really start to understand acrylic as a medium and certainly enjoyed the beer drinking! This headdress is a piece that Casey was nice enough to gift to the Studio for our 10 year anniversary. This headdress is not only fabricated out of actual tattoo equipment (tubes, ink caps, needles, and ink) along with succulents,  but its built to be able to actually wear! Its awesome. These are some shots of our other great friend and cactus lover Jinxi. You might know her  from her famous tattoo collector book series published by her very own Out of Step Books. Jinxi also RULES. If you ever get a chance, stop by the shop and check it out!



    10 Yr. Anniversary Party

    Great turnout for our 10 Yr. Anniversary at the Arts Factory Bar + Bistro in the Las Vegas Arts District. This event was a big reunion for all our friends, clients and employees. Thanks to everyone who spent the night celebrating our 10 years of “Blood, Sweat & Beers”, your support of our family and business is priceless.